Why MyColl?

Many Google Workspace customers fail to maintain the enthusiasm of the first days which makes it possible to permanently increase the adoption of the platform, and support the transformation of uses.

And if there was a solution to know the real uses of your platform, measure each of the features, both on Gmail and Google Drive or Google Meet, and help your users transform their uses?

  • Allow your users to understand their use.
  • Help your users transform their uses.
  • Finely measure the main Google Workspace services.
  • Benefit from indicators adapted to your environment and your objectives.


Transform uses

More than just a measurement tool, MyColl allows you to know precisely how your employees use their Google Workspace account.Mycoll measures, and above all qualifies the use Google Workspace, allowing you to boost your transformation by increasing the adoption of services such as Google Drive or Google Meet!

  • Analysis of Google Workspace uses.
  • Highlighting good or bad behaviors.
  • Definition of visible objectives for your users.
  • Comparison of uses between the different populations within your organization.
  • Increase in Google Workspace adoption.

Measure the platform

Mycoll allows you to define your own indicators to measure your Google Workspace platform.Whether it is the use of Google Meet, the number of emails received or sent from Gmail, or securing your Google Drive, Mycll files allows you to educate your employees on these points, and above all allows you to createYour supervision dashboards with your own indicators.

  • Precise measurement of the use of the various Google Workspace services (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Chat ...).
  • Creation of custom indicators and dashboards.
  • Awareness of your users directly.
  • Follow-up of adoption and use over time.

Guide your users

Thanks to its gamification module, MyColl allows you to guide your users in Google Workspace adoption and the transformation of their own uses.Your users identify the objectives achieved, and especially those which they have not yet achieved, and have instruction on how to achieve it.By comparing your populations between them, you will manage to create a healthy emulsion around your digital transformation and increase collaboration;and therefore adoption.

  • Definition of objectives visible by your users.
  • Comparison of uses between the different populations of your organization.
  • Gamification module to encourage users to deepen their knowledge.

Mycoll accesses your administration console to recover all the indicators of your Google Workspace platform (Gmail use data, Google Drive, Google Meet ...).These data is anonymized, recorded in a secure, then aggregated manner in order to build the dashboards and indicators that you define.

Each day, indicators and objectives are recalculated according to the data of your employees.Mycoll allows you to measure your Google Workspace platform in a reliably and evolutionary way, without worrying about the technique.


Frequently Asked Questions

You are already convinced by the tool but you ask yourself a few questions? If the answer is not below tell us!

Where should I install MyColl?
Mycoll is a SaaS application.No installation or update is required. You thus benefit from the reliability of our infrastructure and all the updates that we could provide.
What is the minimum or maximum number of users?
Neither minimum nor maximum. Our SaaS model allows you to benefit from the strength of our solution regardless of the size of your Google Workspace domain.
Are data anonymized?
All data not necessary for calculations of indicators or Google Workspace use objectives are has an irreversibly has.The content of your emails, Google Drive documents, or even Google Agenda invitations, is simply never preserved.
Who is hiding behind Mycoll?
Mycoll is published by the French company INAUBI.
Inaubi is specialized in the deployment and integration of Google Cloud solutions for business. The Inaubi teams have a very strong experience in digital transformation using Google solutions.It was this experience that allowed them to build MyColl.
What about other questions?
If you want to know more about our solution, do not hesitate to contact us at