Personal data that can be collected

In the event of a request for connection with our services through the contact form, the user is led to send us personal data.In accordance with the minimization principle emanating from the GDPR The collection of personal data is limited to your:

  • Identification data (name and first name)
  • Contact data (Email address and personal or professionals telephone number)
  • Data concerning the request (personal or professional)
  • Use data (date and time of request)

Legal bases and purposes

Your personal data is collected and processed on the basis of the legal foundations provided for by the regulations and for the following purposes:

1 - As part of a BtoB type commercial relationship

  • Demand management
  • Management of our prospecting base
  • Enrichment and valuation of the customer/prospect base

2 - As part of a personal request
  • Orientation of the request on the service concerned
  • Orientation on an Application HR Process
The only data collected is made for legitimate purposes of interest or, if necessary, on the basis of your consent.

The duration of the conversation

The data collected is kept during the duration necessary for the realization of the purposes mentioned above and to allow us to meet all of our legal obligations.

Personal data used for prospecting purposes can be kept for a maximum period of three years from our last commercial contact.

The recipients of your data

Your personal data is processed by the service concerned by your request.Continuation of treatments may require the contribution of new personal data and the collection of your consent in writing.Your data is processed locally in France.

Data security

The implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures ensures the protection of personal data and their confidentiality.We use a secure flow policy, management of advanced access rights as well as their encryption.Respect for security and data protection is set out in our charter for use of the NICT and data security implemented on 06/25/2018 and imposes all of our employees and stakeholders.

Your rights

Access to your personal data, their rectification, their erasure or anonymization is guaranteed to you under the conditions provided for by the regulation.

For any further information or access to your data the requests must be sent by email or by mail to: INAUBI
For the attention of the DPO
21 rue du Carrousel
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq