1. Data collected by MyColl

1.1 Registration data: When you register on MyColl, we collect the information necessary to create and manage your account: contact details of a legal representative and address of the company.

1.2 Google Workspace data: Mycoll connects to Google Workspace to recover the data necessary for its operation, such as:

  • List of platform user accounts (first name, name, email address, attributes)
  • Metadata related to user activity on the main services (Gmail, Agenda, Drive, Cat, Meet, Looker Studio, Keep ...)
  • Metadata related to emails present on Gmail
  • Metadata related to files present on Google Drive
  • Data of Google Workspace usage for all users on the various services (Gmail, Agenda, Contacts, Meet, Cat, Keep, Drive ...)

2. Data use

2.1 Supply of the service: we use your information to provide, maintain and improve mycoll and ensure its proper functioning.

2.2 Personalization: The data collected can be used to customize your experience according to your preferences and needs.

3. Data sharing

3.1 Limited sharing: We do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, except in the cases provided by law.

4. Data security

4.1 Encryption: all data passing between Mycoll and Google Workspace are encrypted in transit and at rest.The data passing between mycoll and the users are encrypted in transit.

5. Cookies and technologies

5.1 Use of cookies: Mycoll can use cookies and other monitoring technologies to improve your experience and collect information on the use of the service.

6. Your choices

6.1 Access: You can access your information in your account settings.

6.2 Modification: To modify the data associated with your account please contact us at contact@mycoll.fr.

6.3 Deactivation of cookies: You can deactivate cookies in your browser, but this could affect certain mycoll features.

7. Changes in the Privacy Policy

7.1 Updates: we can update this privacy policy at any time.The changes will be visible directly on this page.

8. Contact us

Access to your personal data, their rectification, their erasure or anonymization is guaranteed to you under the conditions provided for by the regulation.

For any further information or access to your data the requests must be sent by email or by mail to: INAUBI
For the attention of the DPO
21 rue du Carrousel
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq